We are delighted to present our new captivating art exhibition Stillness. In Stillness the viewer is taken on an artistic journey through abstract mystical worlds; the world of imagination. We witness how artists visualise the intangible using colour, symbolism and signs. The artists explore the primordial struggle between light and darkness, creating a stunning and intimate visual spectacle.

In the increasing bustle of society, Stillness invites us to take a moment and contemplate the varied landscape depicted by seven artists who work in their unique styles. The exhibition celebrates the art of painting and the fascinating world created by the paintbrush. It is a quiet expression, contrary to a world where the loudest voices and news headlines are predominantly followed. Here we are given pictorial insight of metaphysical philosophies that are visualised in a way that is both comprehensible and beautiful. 

This inspiring exhibition showcases paintings by artists from Spain, Holland and the Czech Republic. All from the Bueler-Bernard art collection. 

Duration: Start April 2016 - Stillness is an continuous exhibition of a semi-permanent nature.

Enjoy some highlights!

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